Saturday, May 14, 2016

Now is Not the Time

I have been worrying a lot lately about my future. It seems every couple of days I go through the cycle. Worry. Relax and trust. Worry. Relax and trust... Only the "relax and trust" periods are getting shorter and shorter.

It was in an especially worried moment yesterday that I told myself, "It's ok to worry, just now is not the time."

There's no point in worrying all the time. I've done all that I can do right now. I'm in the waiting period. That's just how it is. Worrying will not change that or make it go by any faster.

I told myself, "May is for applying for jobs. Not worrying about whether or not I'll get any of them."

I've been applying. A lot. What will come of it.... only time will tell. But again, now is not the time to worry about it, now is the time to look and apply.

I've already decided June and July will be months for relaxing and enjoying. Hopefully I'll have some job interviews in those months. But either way, again, there is nothing I can do about that.

Once the end of July comes, and then into August, if I still don't have a job, then, and only then, will it be time to make other plans. Worry a little, maybe. But definitely move to plan B.

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A quote from Wayne Dyer: "Take this same approach -- staying in harmony with the Tao -- to all of your problems, for there's an all-encompassing supply of well-being to partner with. So rather than giving energy to illness and perceived misfortunes... stay with what can never be used up. Stay with...the creative Source of all. It will work with and for you, as you have it in your thoughts, then in your feelings, and finally in your actions." (p. 22, "Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.)

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