Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Be Inspired by Others

I'm back.  A little note before I dive into today's blog post. 

I decided to return to this blog... or rather, continue it here, as opposed to on my professional website, where I moved it briefly. 

The reason being... I feel like I'm finally "coming into my own" in regards to my business, and narrowing my website to reflect that. 

As much as I love this blog (it truly holds a special place in my heart), it doesn't really fit my business or fit into my website. 

So here I am.  Again.  It's good to be back! 


Do you ever get inspired watching someone do what they love?  What they're good at?  Great at even?

I was watching The Voice this morning and many of the contestants just shine when they're singing on that stage.  It's clearly what they're meant to do.  And they're doing it. 

That's the key.  Doing what you're meant to do. 

Not many people actually take action, pursue their passion, or live their dream.

It's scary.  It's uncertain.  Will you make it?  Who knows. 

But I can say this:  I often feel inspired and motivated after watching someone else pursuing their passion and doing what they're meant to do.... for themselves, not for others.

If they can do it, I can too.  And so can you. 

I just got back from the AWAI Copywriters Boot Camp.  An intense 3 1/2 days full of inspiring stories, informative presentations, and networking that you wouldn't believe.

It was incredible. 

Not only because I learned so much.  But even more because of everyone I met. 

Just "rubbing elbows" with the best of the best in the industry... and even talking to them... as well as the 300 or so other copywriters.  People who "get it."  People who have the same values, goals, and beliefs as I do.  I was no longer the "weird one" that no one really gets.  All these people were like me! 

I was moved on many an occasion.  Everyone (well nearly everyone) starts at the same place.  Ground zero.  Square one.  Not having a clue.  Just a dream, a desire. 

Passionate people do what they do well.  They put in the time and effort.  And when they know they're good, they exude confidence. 

Now, sometimes before you know you're good, you have to believe you're good. 

That's where I'm at now. 

I have the vision.  The goal.  And I believe I can achieve it.

"I am a wildly successful copywriter, specializing in the IndyCar industry, with big clients all over the world." 

What is your vision for your life?  What would you like to accomplish?  Where would you like to be a year from now, or five years from now? 

Whatever it is, Go for it!        

The theme of the Boot Camp was "My Life is Now!" 

We all got little stretchy bracelets with that on it, which I still wear every day. 

This is your life.  Right now.  What steps can you take today to inch just a little closer to that dream you have for your life?