Friday, July 25, 2014

The Universe Knows You Deserve Love

At a seminar about positivity, the Universe, and Love, the seminar leader said this:

"If you don't believe you deserve Love, at least believe that the Universe believes you deserve Love."

Or something to that effect.

Many of us, at times, don't believe we're worthy of love, success, happiness... fill in the blank.  I certainly fall into that group.

I've noticed something interesting lately.  I am getting married in one week.  I'm very excited about it and looking forward not just to the wedding, but being married.  I have no doubts about that.  What I do doubt is whether I'm worthy of that kind of love.

It's tough to admit and I feel a certain sense of shame even in admitting I feel that way.  My hope is that this post will touch someone else, and others can relate.

When we feel unworthy of something, I think it's a natural inclination to hide.  To not tell others we feel unworthy.  There can be shame in admitting you feel unworthy, when logically, you know better.
But these feelings of unworthiness aren't born out of logic.

For years I've struggled with feelings of worthiness, in different areas of life.  I see now, looking back, that it was quite possibly those feelings that stifled my success, but at the time I didn't realize that.

Interestingly to me, these feelings seem to be coming to the surface a lot more now, the closer I get to my wedding day.

You see, in order to receive from the Universe what we desire, we have to believe we will get it.  And if we ultimately don't believe we deserve something, it can be hard to believe we'll get it anyway.

I think this holds a lot of people back -- in relationships, with money, in any aspect of life.  In order to get what you desire, start with changing your belief about deserving it.

Back to the opening quote.  It really hit home with me.  It's easy for me to look at other people, my pets, all living things really, and know they deserve to be loved and deserve all that is good in life.  They deserve it just because they're here.  But what about me?

Why am I different?  Why do I have such a hard time believing I deserve great love, great wealth, and an abundance of all that is good in life?  I could come up with lots of theories to answer that question, but really it doesn't matter why.

Instead of belaboring the point of, "Do I deserve Love, wealth, etc.," point out to myself that the Universe knows I deserve Love, wealth, etc.

For some reason, putting it outside of myself makes it easier to accept.  While it can be hard to believe something about myself, it's easier to believe in something that someone else (especially the Universe) knows/thinks/believes.

I encourage you to look at your own life.  What areas of your life do you feel unworthy?  If that's not clear, what areas of your life do you not have what you want?  That is likely an area where you feel unworthy, but may not identify it as feelings of unworthiness.

In Peace and Love,