Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When you Limit Your Life, you Limit Your Happiness

I don't know that I've been happier in my life than I've been in the past few days.  Genuinely, deeply happy.

Why?  I've stopped setting limits.  On life, on myself, on others.  At least, I'm working on that.  And making good progress.  Like anything else in life, it's a continual practice. 

As Michael Singer tells us, "You want to say that as long as this doesn't happen, or as long as that does happen, then you're willing to be happy.  That's why it seems like it is out of your control.  Any condition you create will limit your happiness," (p. 142, "The Untethered Soul"). 


I know it's scary.  It's scary to "give up control."  Or at least, your perception of control.  It's scary to let go and accept whatever shows up in your life.  But let me assure you, coming from experience, it gets easier the more you do it. 

The get-together with my boyfriend and his ex-wife last Friday night was great!  Seriously, honestly, great!  I was a tad nervous just prior to her arrival at the bar we were meeting at.  And I had to repeatedly remind myself to "Stay Open" all day leading up to it.  But I knew it was a good thing, and I was excited for it.  And I was not disappointed. 


We ended up hanging out and chatting -- her, me, and my boyfriend -- for about two and a half hours!  I did not expect to spend that much time with her, but the time flew.  We talked, and it felt normal.  It felt like hanging out with a friend.  But the most important thing was, it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable at all.  And I fully believe my being open was largely to thank for that.  That, and both she and my boyfriend were willing to give me another chance, which really shouldn't be minimalized, seeing how uncomfortable I made things before. 

And here's the best part:  I still feel great!  I still feel open.  I still feel the love pouring into my heart, and pouring out. 

I had been working on "being ok" with her for some time now... as many of my blog posts have chronicled.  And I knew I needed some face-to-face time to solidify (and test) my growth.  And I passed the test! 

Take it from me... someone who's coming from a place of attempted control and placing limits... once you let go of your imposed limitations, your happiness and love will skyrocket! 


Previously, I had placed tons of limits.  I "couldn't" be happy at a social event if "she" was there.  I based my attendance to things on her attendance.  I put friends in awkward positions.  I forced my limits onto my boyfriend. 

All of these limits and "qualifications" did not make me happier, make me feel more at ease, or add to my enjoyment of life.  That's what I thought they would do, but it was the opposite.  I was more stressed and more unhappy, the more limits I placed on myself.

"When your mind starts telling you what you have to do to make everything inside okay, don't buy into what it's telling you.  The truth is, everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything," (Singer p. 95). 

Everything in life is a gift.  If we don't see it that way, it's because we're choosing not to.  We're the ones making things difficult.  We're the ones having "issues" with other people, situations, or life in general.  All we need to do is Let Go and Love. 


In another area of life, I'm also working on letting go of my self-imposed limits in regard to income and my professional life.  I've been working on building my own website for my new copywriting business the past few days.  And more importantly, I've been working on opening myself up to receiving abundance and great wealth.  No more "just getting by." 

I just donated $250 to a fundraising campaign at the humane society I volunteer at.  I fully believe that through giving, we open ourselves up to greater receiving.  Abundance is all around us.  By sharing our own abundance, we draw more of it to us. 

May all of us tap into the Abundance of Life and Love! 
Abundance in love, Abundance in income, Abundance in happiness. 
It's all here, right now
We just need to release our limitations and open our hearts to receiving it. 

Peace, Love, and Amazing Abundance to you all! 



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  1. Congratulations Sarah! That's wonderful! Glad that you were able to stay open to such a potentially awkward situation. I am working on being open too - I still feel confused about my life's path but I trust that it will work itself out as long as I keep trying things and putting myself out there. Being open helps us to get our of our own way and let the Universe work its perfect plan out for us. Amen!