Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Real Love Means

I've been focusing a lot on work and career lately in this blog.  Today I'd like to shift the focus a little, to love and relationships.

I was watching "The Biggest Loser" this week and was totally inspired.  (I often am watching that show, but this time it was for a different reason.)

One of the contestants (I don't remember his name... I often don't remember contestant's names in any of the reality shows I watch), lost his wife years ago.  They had had two children together.  They were very much in love.  She got sick and passed on.

Then some time later he met a new woman.  They fell in love too, got married, and to date have one child together.

Watching about this second wife, and hearing this man talk about her, totally blew me away.

She came into this man's life, completely, 100% full of love.  

Here was this guy, who lost his first love tragically -- they didn't divorce, they didn't have a "bad break-up," there was no bad blood there or bad times whatsoever.  The man still loved his first wife, even after her death.  He said on the show that he always will.

He also has two children from the first wife, who will always be reminders of their relationship and their love.
For most people, this would be a difficult situation to walk into and become a part of.  And granted, this is a TV show, so I realize they don't tell the whole story.

But this man talked about how his current wife came into their lives and brought the love with her.

She worked with the family to remember the children's mother fondly.

She didn't compare herself, get jealous, try to "take over."  She loved the circumstances for what they were.  She knew there was no need for comparison.  Her role was different.

I know I may be hypothesizing here, but that's ok.  This woman is an inspiration.  A model of love and compassion.  And I learned something from her by watching the clip on the TV show.

There is no reason to be jealous of anyone else.  To be insecure.  To compare yourself to someone else.

We're all different.  And we're ALL Love.

We all are right where we're supposed to be.  With who we're supposed to be with.

We all have lessons to learn, areas to grow in, and ways we can improve.

But ultimately, our only job is to be ourselves... and that self is 100% Love.

I have a quote on the board in my bathroom that says, "What would Love do?"

I forget who said it, but it's a great reminder.

We all have egos, and sometimes those egos can get out of control.  They can try to take over and run our lives.  When that happens, just remind yourself to let it go (whatever "it" is), relax, and tap back into the Love center of yourself.

When you find yourself acting in fear -- and any action that comes from any place of insecurity or negative emotions is fear -- ask yourself the question, "What would Love do?"

Then do that.  


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