Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you Stepping Boldly?

I got the following email from today:

"Always, it's the one with a certain and definite dream, who boldly steps into the uncertain and indefinite, who goes the farthest and throws the best after-parties."

Are you stepping boldly into the uncertain and indefinite?

I feel I have the first part.  I have a certain and definite dream to make a living as a fiction novelist.  And the second part, to step boldly into the uncertain and indefinite... I feel I did that too, it just didn't work out.

When I quit my last full-time job as an educational interpreter, that was a pretty bold step.  I took the leap of faith.  I stepped out on that limb.  I focused on writing full-time, and self-published 3 full-length novels, and one novella.  Yet, I didn't see the monetary reward of doing that, and that's the hard part.

Sometimes dreams take a little longer to come to fruition though.  Think about the professional athletes who spend all those years through their childhood, into high school, college, and sometimes beyond, before getting chosen by a professional team and before they can make any money through doing the sport they love.

Think about the stories of authors, dancers, and actors who didn't "make it" until they were later on in life.  Morgan Freeman, I think I read, was in his 50s before "making it" as an actor.  And he's an exceptional actor!  Stephen King has MANY books out there that didn't take off, until the ones that did.

Stories like this abound.  Perhaps the only way to truly know if you want something is for it not to come easy.  For you to try and "fail" on multiple accounts, but to stick with it.

When I started my current traditional job as a job coach, I thought I might be done with writing.  For a period of time I wondered if I had written the books I was meant to write, and it just wasn't meant to be for me... that I was meant to stick to working a traditional job, with the steady paycheck and nice benefits.

But seeing as how I've only been in that job 3 months and I'm already getting that spiritual urge to "run," I don't know that sticking with traditional employment is for me after all.

I say "spiritual urge to run" because it truly feels spiritual.  It's coming from deep within me.  My job is secure.  It's comfortable.  It's a good job.  But my spirit is still calling out.  My spirit feels discontent.

This reminds me of part of the book I'm still reading by Robin Roberts, "Everybody's Got Something."  I can't find the page to quote it exactly right now, but the gist is this:

Many of us don't like to hurt others' feelings, disappoint people, or come across as rude.  So we often make choices that take that into account.  But when it comes to our LIFE, you've gotta drop the fear.  Do what you need to do.

Of course that still doesn't mean to be purposely mean, hurtful, or inconsiderate.  But it's your life; it's in your hands alone; and the outcome is up to you (to a large extent).

In Robin's case, she was talking about a time in the course of her treatment, when she wanted to make a change, but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  Hers really WAS a potential life or death situation.  Most of our dilemmas aren't so dire, at least not in that sense.  But your life is just as important.

Think about your dreams.  Are you taking bold and consistent action towards them?  That doesn't mean you have to drop everything and dive head-first into the water that is your dream.  But make your way there.

I saw an interview years ago with Po Bronson on the Oprah show after the release of his best-selling book, "What Should I Do With My Life."  If you haven't read it, I also highly recommend it.  To give you a brief summary, Po had a high-profile, very high-paying job.  But he wasn't satisfied with his life.  He was discontent and unhappy.  He made the choice to walk away from his job and be an author full-time.  In his interview with Oprah he said it like this (paraphrasing): "I wasn't going to choose money and then my dream.  Instead, I chose to work my way there, little by little."

Also remember (as I am now) that we don't know HOW things will work out.  And it's not even important that we do.  What's important is to focus on what you desire.  Focus on the end result.  HOW you get there... leave that up to the Universe.

In peace and love,

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  1. I really liked your closing note about doing what you desire and leaving the rest on the universe to work it out. Thanks for sharing that message.

    Lately, I have been a keen listener of a radio talk show by a person called Azad, who talks about different topics and issues in peoples lives. But the best thing I like about him is he always inspires people to remain no matter how their relations or jobs or life goes.

    After listening to him and thinking hard, I have started to look at each situation in my life as a farmer sowing an apple seed in the ground. He nurtures it, waters it, protects it from insects, eventually hoping that it will bear fruit one day. He does this day in day out no matter how long it takes but his passion is visible from the fruit the tree gives away.

    Since I moved to Birmingham, I always used to wonder about a company in a big a cement block with numerous cars coming out everyday. After 2 years in a terrible sales job and 2 years of searching, I eventually started working for this company which turned out to be one of the regions largest environmental company and I have been working for almost 5 years now and enjoying it.

    My uncle became a renowned poet after his career as a university professor. Even though he started writing poems from an early age, he actually became renowned for it after he retired from his professional career. He never got rich from it but he became famous and even after two decades since his passing, his poetry books are still being read.

    Having read so much from you, I can tell you are passionate about writing and even though you have not reached the fame and fortune of Harry Potter series YET, I am sure you eventually will. If you think about it, you have got 4 books with YOUR name on them on Amazon and this is a BIG achievement and one step closer to Harry Potter. Be proud of it.:-)

    Thanks for sharing your passion.

    Keep calm and keep writing!