Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Always Strive to be the Person You Want to Be

We all have our good days and our bad days. Our proud moments and our not-so-proud moments. The sides of ourselves we try to keep hidden from others, lest they run away from us in shame and disgust. The lesson here is to always strive to be better.

A better version of you.

Strive for more of those proud moments...where your love and grace shine through. That's not to say to push down those ungraceful parts of your personality. On the contrary. Embrace them...but at the same time make a conscious effort to improve upon them.

And thanks to the Universe, thanks to God, we get new opportunities to grow and "be better" every day.


There was a specific part of Elizabeth Gilbert's Facebook post yesterday that jumped out at me. Here it is: 

"Kindness says to the angry person, to the bitter person, to the difficult person, to the scary person: 'I may not understand you, but I understand that it's difficult to be a human being, and I'm sorry you're suffering. We are all just children of God here, doing our best.'"

"It is difficult to be a human being." 

We all get this. We all wish others were more lenient with us... so why are we often so hard on others? Why are we so judgmental, critical, and downright mean...when in actuality, they are likely not doing anything worse than what we've done. 

Sure, it may look different on someone else. They might choose to express their humanity -- their less-than-perfect-ness --  in different ways than we do. But it's all the same. We're all human. Just doing our darndest out here. 

This reminder has been showing up in my life again and again recently. Definitely the Universe telling me I need to improve in this area (as is usually the case when you notice a recurrent theme in your life). 

So I'm trying. No -- I'm doing. I'm doing my best. As is everyone else.  

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