Monday, November 30, 2015

Respect and Peace

"When we respect someone, we're able to be at peace in their presence by suspending our inclination to be arrogant."  -- page 221

I read this in Wayne Dyer's book, "Inspiration," the other day and it stood out to me. The more it sank in, the more it resonated.

Think about the people who you have a hard time being at peace around. Do you respect them?

The answer to this question for myself was a resounding "No."

At first I didn't want to admit this. Who wants to admit that they don't respect other human beings? It's not a nice thing to admit, after all. And I like to think that I do respect all living things. But if I'm being truly honest with myself, I realize that's not 100% the case.

There are certain individuals in my life that I just seem to be on a different vibration than. There's nothing "wrong" with them, it's just like we don't speak the same language sometimes. Ok...a lot of the time.

These are the people who I often find stressful to be around. In other words, I have a difficult time being fully at peace when in their presence.

I hadn't equated this to not respecting them until I read Wayne Dyer's words. I still feel that I do respect these individuals (and all people) for the most part. But when around these people, I have a hard time getting out of my ego mind. As Wayne states, I have an inclination to fall into arrogance... feeling like I have to prove myself in some way.

It's interesting to me... this relationship between respect and peace.

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On the flip side, when I think about the people, or living beings (because it's often not people at all), that I do fully, completely respect... I am totally at peace.

I feel this way when around animals and nature. That's because there is no need to prove myself to those beings. But humans are a different story.

This is something I need to work on. This quote, and this blog post, has made me see that even more. Respecting other people doesn't have anything to do with them. It comes from within. Also, you can't fully respect someone else until you respect yourself. After all, we all are part of the same source.

Respecting myself is something I've struggled with my whole adult life. So begin there.

As the quote above says, "Peace begins with love and respect." To fully be at peace, you need to start with mastering loving yourself and all others, as well as respecting yourself and all others.

Drop the arrogance. 
Focus on love and respect. 
Relish in the peace you will feel there.  

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