Monday, November 25, 2013

When to Fly the Nest

Whether you're growing up and it's time to leave your parents' home, you're changing careers or moving up the ladder, starting a new business, or something else, it can often be difficult to understand when it's time to leave the protective arms (literally or figuratively) you've come to rely on. 

I've mentioned that I've started my own freelance writing business.  As in an actual "business" with paying clients... or at least that's the idea. 

In the beginning I felt like I had so much to learn (I still do).  I signed up for several online courses, read countless articles and blogs, and felt like a sponge that couldn't soak up enough information. 

I felt like I needed to learn all I possibly could before even trying to get clients. 

So I learned.  I read.  I studied.  I attended conferences, seminars, and workshops.  I wondered if I'd ever feel ready to "go out on my own" and actually do this work I've been learning about. 

Here's what I've found: 

There does come a time when you get tired of learning from others and reading articles and you just want to do something already! 

That's where I'm at now. 
We're like birds.  At first, we sit in the nest, hungry.  We cry out, and our source brings us food.  We gobble it down; we're not picky.

We're also afraid to leave the nest.  It's so far down.  What if we fall?  What if we get hurt?  What if we can't find food on our own? 

So we sit there, waiting to be provided for.  And it works for a while. 

Then we get bored, or curious, or a combination of the two. 

We start looking around and see that there is food all over the place.  Lots of different kinds of food!  And lots of different methods for acquiring this food. 

We then realize it's up to us. 

We can continue to sit in the safe and warm nest, eating only what is brought for us.  It may be comfortable, but in time we'll outgrow the nest.  And we'll get tired of the same food over and over. 

Or we can choose to take a chance.  We don't know how to fly, exactly.  We've seen it done.  We know we're capable. But we haven't done it ourselves yet. 

It's scary.  It's uncertain.  Success is not 100% guaranteed. 

But we see others flying around, unencumbered, all around us.  And we want that for ourselves. 

Finally there comes a time to take that leap.  That first step. 


Have you been there?  I'd love to hear your story... whether you're still in the nest, just learning to fly, or soaring on your own now. 

Me?  I'm just learning to fly.  I've made the decision to leave the nest, but I'm far from soaring high and gracefully.  I'm still very much in the uncertain period.  Yet, I feel like it's time to start doing more and spend less time focused solely on learning (though learning never stops).

Still, one of my all-time favorite quotes, below:


What will you be?  And what do you need to do to get there? 

I know what I already am at heart... a writer.
I know what I want to be... a highly sought-after, and well-paid writer.
Now what do I need to do to make that happen? 

Time to get busy folks! 

*I'd love to hear your story in the comments below.  Or you can email me directly at



  1. Excellent post Sarah but as you may know from our FB group, I'm in the same spot as you are. Therefore, I'll share what I decided to do over on FB: I asked for help, as in immediate help.

    As you so eloquently wrote, there's a difference between knowing you can do something and feeling confident in your abilities. I needed someone to help me with my confidence. I needed guidance, structure and direction. And boy, did I find someone to give that to me IN SPADES!

    I almost feel guilty about attracting such a wonderfully suitable person to work with but then, I attracted that to myself you know? I did it because I believe in my ability to make my new writing business work. In spite of my many fears, I'm committed to making this work. I won't settle for the same that don't pay me enough or are far below my skill and talent level.

    So to close, even if we aren't confident in our abilities to make our new ventures work, we can believe in our vision enough to TRY to make things work.

    1. Terrah,

      Hey! Sorry it took me a little while to respond. Thanks for the message (and letting me know it was you)! :)

      That's awesome that you found someone to give you the guidance and structure you needed! It sounds like that person is the perfect fit for you and your career is taking off because of it!

      And good for you for committing to this new writing business venture! We are definitely in the same boat! It takes courage to strike out on your own and stop settling for entry-level and/or low-paying, too-easy jobs. Not that that route isn't attractive on some levels.... but we both deserve more!

      So keep going, and I will too! :)


  2. I feel the same way about my acting career. I just want to get started. I am willing to try anything, that is how badly I want to make it happen. And sometimes because it doesn't happen fast enough, I become frustrated and bored with life. I completely understand what you are going through Sarah.

    1. I feel you, Talya!! When things don't happen in the period of time I feel like it should, I also get frustrated and can get bored too. Right now I'm reminding myself of the whole "Divine Timing" concept, and that everything that happens is FOR us... not TO us. So if we don't get a job or whatever, it just means something better is on its way. I do believe that... it's just frustrating to live it sometimes. :)

      Be well... and keep at it!!! And keep me posted about your move (if you decide to move) and your acting career! I wish you the best and know you can do it!