Monday, December 2, 2013

Focus on the NEXT Step

I've been struggling lately with actually creating the life I envision. 

I'm all for vision boards (I have several).  I meditate (occasionally).  I fully believe in the power of thought. 

Where I've hit my blocks is with actually making it happen.  Seeing it to fruition. 

Then I realized something yesterday.  I'm focusing entirely on the big picture.  The grand vision.  The dream life.  And not on the next step. 


I'll say it again:  The grand vision is a must!  I believe you need to know where you ultimately want to be in order to head in the right direction.

But get that grand mental image in your head; set your intentions; and then focus on the here and now. 

What can you do right now that will take your closer to your goal?

What do you need to do first, before you can realize your dream?

I'll get specific and personal.  I hope you can see something of yourself in me... and if you can, I'd love to hear your story! 

My grand vision is to be a successful writer.  To have an abundant, overflowing income.  To be able to help the charities of my choice (and make a BIG impact).  To not worry about how much every little thing costs all the time.  And to live my life on my terms (the ultimate dream).   

What's your grand vision? 

Where I created stumbling blocks for myself was because I didn't break down that ultimate goal into bite-size pieces. 

I want to be a hugely successful writer, with an abundant income, never worrying about money? 

Great!  But what do I do now

Get a paying client! 

It sounds so simple, and it is.  I think I have been "trained" so much to see the big picture, and to create that mental vision, that I was forgetting how to focus on the smaller steps to get there. 

What small steps do you need to do to make your grand vision a reality? 

Do you want to be an actor/actress?  Are you going to auditions regularly? 
Do you want to be a singer/songwriter?  Are you writing and recording your own songs (via whatever avenues you have access to right now... like YouTube)? 
Do you want to be a doctor/teacher/astronaut/biologist?  Have you looked into college courses in that field? 

I apologize if this post seems inanely obvious to some of you.  It's almost embarrassingly obvious to me too.  But I wanted to write about it because I think it's a common problem.  Getting overwhelmed by the huge, lofty goal, so much so that you become paralyzed, or convince yourself that it'll never happen anyway, so why even try? 

When I had decided to quit my job as a teacher, I thought the best job would be a sign language interpreter.  I had seen one once at an event and thought it would be the coolest, best job ever! 

Did I know any sign language?  Beyond the basic alphabet, no. 

Did I even know any Deaf people OR interpreters?  Not one. 

But I did something then that I seemed to have forgotten how to do lately. 

I didn't worry myself with all those details of how to get to the final image in my head: me as a sign language interpreter.  I realized the FIRST step was that I had to learn sign language.  So I looked on the internet for local sign language programs... found one... and applied.  It all fell into place from there. 


What is your next step?

Remember, for each destination, there's countless ways to get there.  The path someone else took may or may not work for you.  Listen to your heart.  Do what feels right for you. 

But do something. 

Now get out there and take that next step!  And if you want to share your journey with someone, I'd love to be that person!  You can leave a comment below, or email me at

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