Friday, January 16, 2015

Take a Step and the Next Step Will Appear

I got further proof today that the Universe WILL take care of you (me). All you have to do is take the first step.... then the next step will appear.



Yesterday was my last official day at my part-time job. I had previously taken a smaller leap of faith by requesting to go from full-time to part-time back in August. That was good enough for a while... until it wasn't.

I just had a feeling that the job was keeping me from other opportunities, or other dreams from coming true. As long as I kept the job, and the steady paycheck it offered, I wasn't fully trusting the Universe. I was holding myself back.

So, as I said, yesterday I submitted my final timesheet to my supervisor. And today I got a follow-up email about an at-home job that I applied for nearly a year ago!

I applied for this job at the same time as I applied for the job I just quit. This other job is for an at-home scorer of standardized tests. It's perfect for me. I would get to work from home, and do something I enjoy doing (grading/scoring). Even when I worked as a teacher, I always enjoyed grading papers (something many teachers abhor).

Well, I applied for the job in January or February of 2014 and never heard... until now.

I don't have the job just yet. What I got in the email was an invitation to take an employment survey to see if I still qualify for the job and if I'm a good candidate. I submitted the survey. We will see.

The scoring position is very flexible and won't preclude me from pursuing other interests. It's also short-term. I could basically do as much or as little as I wanted, and would get paid in relation to how much I scored.

Yesterday I was really struggling with the status of my life right now. I'm 37 and feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere. Even though it's been 100% my choice to leave former jobs and try something new... and I've never regretted any of those decisions (until recently), I find myself at this point in my life feeling envious of people who've been in their careers for years and are considered experts in their fields.

I'm definitely a jack-of-all-trades and expert of none, as they say.

And as I said, that was fine with me... until now.

The lesson I got today was that it's not too late. New opportunities WILL present themselves. The Universe will continue to provide for me. All I have to do is take a step when I feel it's time. And the next step will come into focus.


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  1. Hey you are not the only one who feel like they are in the middle of nowhere. I am 34 and I feel the same way. I do not have a steady job, sort to speak. I teach English to Polish people on a freelance basis. And planning for the future seems like a joke. All I want to is to move to London and attend drama school and get work as an actress, not as an English teacher. I kind of know how you feel. I wish there was a way out for me.