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I'm going to take a break today from blogging about my latest learnings from Michael Singer, to what I learned about Abundance.  I've been listening to some of the speakers in the Hay House World Summit.  I find myself drawn to the ones speaking about abundance.  And a couple have really been cool, interesting, helpful, and eye-opening.  Joe Vitale and Denise Linn.  So today I'd like to share what I found most helpful and hope it helps you on the path to abundance as well.  :)


Denise Linn's biggest suggestion for creating more abundance is clearing out our clutter.  The two questions she says to ask yourself is "Do I love it?  Do I use it?"  If you can't answer yes to at least one of those questions, you need to let go of whatever stuff you're holding on to. 

It's easy, at least for me, to hold on to stuff that I may not love, but someone got it for me, so I feel like I have to keep it.  Or stuff that I may not be using right now, but I might in the future.  These are my two clutter areas of weakness. 

Generally speaking, I don't consider myself a person who has a lot of clutter.  But I guess that's all in who I compare myself to.  I know I can reduce the stuff I have in my home, so I'm working on that.  After listening to Denise Linn's podcast, I was able to collect a trash bag full of stuff I no longer need.  And that was just from one closet and a couple dressers.  I still have plenty more space in my house to go through.  And I plan on doing that! 

Interestingly enough (thanks Universe!), I got a card in the mail a couple days ago saying a truck for a charity group will be coming through my neighborhood on June 18th and all I have to do is set out bags labeled with their name on my front porch, and they'll take them.  So that's my goal.  Make at least one pass through my entire house by next Tuesday and see how much stuff I can get rid of.  Give to someone else to use.  Create more space in my home and in my life for Abundance. 

After de-cluttering, Denise talked quite a bit about some feng shui practices to assist with abundance.  I'll share the notes I took on that:

Stand at your front door.  The furthest left hand corner of your home represents finances and abundance.  Make an abundance altar there.  Images of waterfalls and flowing water represent abundance, as do sailing ships with full sails. 
Set out a "wealth bowl."  This should be a beautiful bowl that you fill with whatever represents wealth to you.
Into the kitchen now... the furthest back left-hand burner on your stove represents abundance.  Use that burner at least sometimes.  Don't let it sit unused. 
Put lids on pots that you're not using (to "keep" your abundance with you). 
In your wallet or purse... Clear our clutter there too.  Keep only what you love and use on a regular basis.  Even put something in it (like a small picture of a waterfall or a written affirmation) that represents abundance. 
Plants... Write an abundance affirmation and plant it in the soil.  Use plants that have upward growth (not downward).  Also, do not use cacti unless you really, really love cacti. 
Make an abundance collage (or vision board).  Put this collage in your bedroom because you will absorb the energy as you sleep. 

Those are the notes I took.  I've implemented all of them as well.  I figure it's all about our intentions and what we believe.  If we believe something will help, or have an effect, it likely will.  And now I'm remembering to trust in the Universe's Divine Timing.  :)

On to Joe Vitale.  He gave 7 steps to greater Abundance in his podcast.  Here are those 7 steps:

1.  Alter how you think
2.  Give without expectation
3.  Prosperous Spending
4.  Ask for help
5.  Nevillize your goals
6.  Think like an entrepreneur
7.  Help your community and world

The steps are in that order for a reason.  It's difficult, if not impossible, to help the world if we don't first alter how we think. 

I'll explain what the steps mean, as some of them (like #5) aren't obvious. 

Altering how we think about money is key.  I've thought I had good thoughts and feelings about money...and I think I'm alright, but I see now that many of my thoughts were actually based on scarcity and lack.  Not good when you're trying to bring more abundance to you! 

I've always known I'll have enough money when I need it, but I've never been overly abundant (until receiving the unexpected inheritance).  As I've blogged about before, I know how to get by, but I also tend to deny myself things and delay gratification a lot.  More on that when I get to step 3. 

Joe pointed out how we all know the saying, "Money is the root of all evil."  And many people deeply believe that money is bad, or rich people or greedy, or any number of negative connotations when it comes to money.  It's no wonder why people don't have more money then!  We won't attract more of something to us if we inherently believe that thing is bad for us.  Consciously we may want more money, but if subconsciously we think money is bad, we'll continue to push it away without even realizing it. 

Joe offered a few thoughts to help alter our thinking about money.
"Money is a tool I can use for good and to pursue my passion." 
"The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation."
"We use money to complete our mission and fulfill our purpose."

The second one was interesting to me.  Joe explained how true it is.  Even when we use money to pay our bills, we're basically expressing our appreciation for having heat, or having TV, or having a phone.  We don't typically pay for stuff that we don't want and don't see a need for. 

Still working on our thoughts, Joe suggests we pay attention to them when money comes up.  If there's something we'd like to buy or do, and our first thought is, "I don't have enough money," notice that.  Then question your thoughts.  Is that true?  Do you really not have enough money?  Or are you just afraid to spend the money you have? 

This one really rang true for me.  I often say, I don't have enough money for that.  But the truth is, I do have the money, I just either don't want to spend it on that, or am afraid to spend it.  I'm afraid I'll run out.  Scarcity and lack.  By telling myself, "I don't have enough money," I'm making that true for myself.  I'm keeping more money from coming to me.  


Obviously our thoughts about money have a major impact on the level of abundance we experience.  But I'll move on to #2.  Giving.  

You may already know this, or have heard it, but Joe reaffirms that when we give, we're creating space to receive.  The more we give, the bigger a window we open up for ourselves through which to receive.  

Joe gave the example of someone who doesn't have much money, so he/she doesn't give.  The person thinks, "I barely have enough to cover my own bills, I can't afford to give money away.  I need it.  I'm going to hold on to everything I have."  This person will not experience abundance.  Do you know people like this?  Or are you like this yourself?  I bet we all have been this person at least some time in our lives.  

I know at points in my life when my savings was running quite low, and I was between jobs, I stopped giving.  I felt like I needed to hold on to what I had, for my own protection.  Joe isn't saying to give away all your money.  But even if you just have $25, and you can give away a dollar, that's something.  That opens up at least that much space for abundance to come to you.  


When I heard step 2, I thought about myself.  I have almost always given to charities (except in those times of greatest fear and lowest funds, but even that was usually just for a couple months).  As long as I've been living on my own, I've donated money to charities I believe in.  (I've never had to buy address labels... I get them sent to me for free all the time from those charities, lol.)  I give in proportion to how much money I have.  When I received the inheritance, I knew I wanted to give 5-10% away.  I've been keeping track of what I've donated from that sum, and I'm not at the 5% mark yet, so I'm still giving.  I don't just toss it at charities haphazardly.  I look for causes that come up that I deeply believe in and want to help, then I do.  And it feels great!  

But anyway, I've wondered if all my giving has at least helped me always be ok with money.  After listening to Joe, I'm sure it has.  

Step #3, Prosperous Spending, was most intriguing to me.  It goes along with the first step, changing your thoughts about money.  Joe explains that when we see something we'd like to have, or that we need, and we don't buy it, we're sending the message to ourselves that we don't deserve it.  We're not good enough.  This feeds into the lack and scarcity thoughts as well.  It's a downward, sad cycle.  

So instead, when we see something we'd like to have, AND we have the money to buy it, we should buy it.  The key is if we have the money to buy it.  No one is advocating using credit cards, going into debt, or throwing away money on frivolous purchases.  But if it's something you genuinely desire, you love it, and you'll use it, AND you do have money for it, the go ahead and get it for yourself.  This sends the message that you are worth it, and you do deserve it.  


This hit home with me.  As I said, I'm the queen of delayed gratification.  I'm constantly telling myself, "I don't really need it."  Constantly.  I've started loosening up and noticing how these thoughts are likely affecting my money and abundance in the recent weeks.  And hearing this podcast by Joe only affirms what I've started doing and motivates me to continue even more.  

Step #4 - asking for help.  This one is obvious so I won't spend much time on it.  I don't naturally like to ask for help.  I like to do things myself.  Take care of myself.  But even asking for help from the Universe is good.  Opening your heart and mind and saying to the Universe, "Please help me with this" will create more flow in your life.  

Step #5 - Nevillize your goals.  This is based on Neville Gedard, an author in the 1960s and 70s.  I hadn't heard of him before, maybe you have.  Neville suggested that people don't just visualize, but to imagine that it's already here.
“When you assume reality, it will harden into fact.”  
This goes hand-in-hand with what others have said on this topic.  I know Wayne Dyer, for one, has said that what we desire is already here.  We just have to tap into it.  See it.  Open ourselves up and experience it.  


The last two I won't discuss too much.  Think like an entrepreneur... Joe says that we should use complaints as indications of action.  Don't just complain about something, do something.  Make a business out of it.  Put the product out there that you wish you had.  
And then help your community and world.  The more we have, the more we should be reaching out and helping.  


In conclusion of Joe's talk, he encouraged everyone to follow their passions.  If you don't know what your "grand purpose in life" is, pay attention to what you do moment by moment.  That is our clue to our bigger purpose.  
Follow your inner urges, and don't give up.  Keep going.  


So, that's what I took away from those speakers on the Hay House World Summit.  I know it will affect how I live my life moving forward.  I won't deny myself so much anymore.  I'll use money to show my appreciation for things.  I'll continue to give.      

I hope some of this has helped you too, in your quest for abundance.  If you've already found things that work for you as well, I'd love to hear them!   



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