Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leg Hair Will Grow If You Don't Shave It

So I'm on vacation this week, right?  I'm surrounded by family.  I'm at a lake in the Tennessee mountains, staying in a semi-rustic style cabin.  I figure it's the perfect time to give my leg hair a break. 

I finally shaved today, but I had let it go as long as I had since I started shaving in the first place.  (Sorry if this is grossing anyone out.)  As I was sitting on the boat yesterday, I just found it interesting (I don't know why) at how the hair on our bodies just grows.  Grows and grows until we cut it.  It's not like we can cut it off once and be done with it.  It'll just grow back. 

This reminded me of spiritual growth.  We can make all kinds of leaps in our spiritual selves, but just as quickly, we can forget.  We can learn to live in Love and let stuff go, and actually live that way for a while... until something happens and we find ourselves back in our fear place and holding on tight.

Life is a constant flow of growing.  And consequently, we have to constantly cut the little ties and chains and cords that drag us down.  Mastin Kipp talked about this on The Daily Love in his blog today.  I also connected it to Michael Singer's book, "The Untethered Soul."  That's perhaps why he titled his book the way he did. 

We can go our whole lives being tethered.  We have cords that tie us to family, friends, society, culture, our past, expectations for the future.  All kinds of cords running everywhere.  To achieve full freedom, we have to learn to cut those cords.  Untether ourselves. 


I'm not saying to cut ties with family, friends, etc.  But to cut the cords that hold us down.  Cut the ties that hold us back.  That keep us from growing and keep us stuck in the same place, the same rut, the same patterns.

And here's the thing.  We have to keep cutting those negative ties.  Because they will grow back.

When you finally free yourself, it's not a done deal.  It's not like you can sever your cords once and for all.  That you can let go of your issues and open your heart once, and forever be that way ever since, with no further effort. 

I'm seeing this with myself.  I had massive breakthroughs while reading "The Untethered Soul."  For the first time in my life, I felt free.  Truly free of all the ties holding me down and dragging me under.  And I've also noticed in the few short days since finishing the book, that my old ties are trying to come back.  They're trying to grab ahold of me again. 

The difference is, this time I know what it feels like to be free.  I recognize my old ties and can cut them immediately. 

The jealous/insecure tie connecting me to my boyfriend's ex-wife.  Cut it immediately.  Every single time it tries to grow back. 

The tie connecting me to my fear that if I get too close to my boyfriend, he'll leave me... cut it immediately too. 

This is where my mantras of "Just Love" and "Open in Love" come in handy.  They are the shears that cut those fear-strings. 

I will notice thoughts in my head in relation to my boyfriend's ex-wife.  Most are thoughts of the past, or thoughts of anticipated future happenings.  Nothing that's happening right now.  You know, those same old fear-based thoughts that like to drag us down into that black hole. 

So I notice these thoughts trying to creep back in and wrap their tentacles around me.  Trying to elicit my old fear responses.  And luckily this time I have the knowledge and vocabulary and skills to let those thoughts go. 

I relax, release any tightening I may feel inside, and remind myself to "Just Love."  Just Love.  That's truly all we have to do.


So when old fear-based tethers that you have cut try to grow back, first notice them.  See what's going on.  Then cut them again. 

Freedom isn't a one-time act.  We have to repeatedly free ourselves from our fears and issues.  If it was easy, more people would live in peace and not fear.  More people would go to therapy once, and be cured for the rest of their lives.  But haven't you noticed that people's issues (yours and mine included) tend to continue to appear? 

You may think you've worked something out, only to have it reappear "out of nowhere," wreaking havoc in your life, or sometimes just mere ripples, yet again.  That's just a reminder to you to cut that cord again.  It's grown back.  Just cut it.  Don't freak out.  Don't fret about it.  Just cut.  And be free again. 


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  1. Life is our spiritual practice. Every day we begin again. And when we slip, we hold ourselves in self compassion before practicing again...