Sunday, May 19, 2013

Open to Love

"Open to Love."  That's my new mantra.  Whenever I feel my heart closing (aka Michael Singer's book, "The Untethered Soul"), I say in my head, "open to love."  I remind my heart to be open... that it's ok to be open.  And to stay in Love.  Not fear.  So far it's been amazing!


I was out yesterday, around lots of people, and whenever I passed someone I tend to have snap judgments about, I reminded myself to be "open to love." 

I know this will take some time.  I mean, we all have our stereotypes and areas in which we tend to judge others in a negative light.  I said my new mantra to myself multiple times yesterday.  And each and every time it helped. 

Instead of my heart closing in judgment of the other person, I felt it open in love.  Literally.  It's pretty cool! 

I need to accept that everyone has their own path.  My path isn't the next person's path.  What may be right for me may not be right for another person.  Things people do that I deem "bad" or gross or shameful... it's not my place to judge.  My place is to love.  As is your place. 



I've also hung out with my ex-boyfriend a few times in the past few weeks.  As friends.  At first it felt a little awkward.  But as I've been shifting my own thought pattern and living more in love myself, I've noticed a shift in how I see him.  I'm more compassionate.  Less judgmental.  I blogged about it, and a revelation I had a few days ago in the "Like Attracts Like" blog. 

We're all just here.  We're all a piece of the Love Source.  We humans can get so wrapped up in judging each other, thinking how other people are annoying, bad, wrong, etc.  But if we just drop that... drop those judgments and ego-minded thinking... it's so much more peaceful!  This is what I'm practicing now.  And I do mean practicing... as it takes conscious effort and will. 

With my ex-boyfriend, for example, when we were together I got possessive.  I got jealous.  I got insecure.  I was living in fear a lot.  I knew it then, but didn't know what to do about it and chalked it up as "normal."  It may be normal, but it's not how I want to be anymore.

I've been realizing lately that if you're truly living in Love, you want everyone to be happy and live in love too.  Possessiveness, jealousy, insecurity -- those take away love.  Or block love.  Not only from others, but mostly from yourself. 


The goal, my goal, is to live in love at all times.  When I feel myself slide down the black hole of fear, I now will remind myself to be "open to love."  When I see another person who I'm quick to judge for one reason or another, I'll remind myself to be "open to love."  When I'm feeling afraid or insecure, I'll gently guide myself back to being "open to love." 

It's not just about the words, you have to relax your body and literally feel your heart open.  Feel the blockages melt away.  Feel the tight grip of tension and anxiety release.  Just be present and be open to love.

A couple of people helped me along my journey and inspired today's blog.  Yesterday I read Laura Fenamore's blog on The Daily Love and loved a lot of what she said there.  One sentence, however simple, that stood out to me is this:  "Feel the negative, let it go and then get back on track with this process." 

I felt that Laura gave me "permission" to feel the negative thoughts/emotions that will arise (and they will still arise), but then to just let it go and get back on the positive, love track.  It's not about NOT feeling negative emotions.  It's about being kind to ourselves and gently guiding ourselves back on track.  Reminding ourselves of our true purpose to live in love... not fear and judgment.

You can read Laura's entire post on TDL here:        

The other person who gave me something to think about is Kathleen Chelquist.  Hers is the first comment in The Daily Love blog post here:  Kathleen reminds us that it's all about Love.  If LOVE guides your actions and choices, you're good.  But far too often fear guides our choices and actions. 

Kathleen learned to see her husband with eyes of love, instead of judgment.  And that truly made all the difference in their relationship.  She shares the concept of "leaving in love" or "staying in love."  If we do determine that an individual is not someone we want to be with any longer, we need to leave them, and the relationship in love.  Though most people (myself included) rarely do.  People often end relationships and leave in a cloud of judgment, anger, hurt, sadness, confusion, etc.  The list goes on and on. 

Seriously, Kathleen's comment has stuck with me days later, and I could go on and on, quoting different parts of it.  But you really should just check it out for yourself.  At the bottom of her comment is also a link to her blog, which is also great!

I can literally feel myself growing right now.  I can feel my Spirit expanding and my heart opening.  I can only hope this continues, and I believe with a conscious choice, it can.

And the best part is I know the Universe will provide me with plenty of opportunities to practice!  ;)  To practice dropping my judgments, opening my heart, and living in LOVE.    



  1. Thanks Sarah! I am so happy for you, and that my words resonated. You are such a blessing to the world! Love, Kathleen

  2. This is wonderful, and so inspiring! I am going to try this same technique and think it will help me stay in the positive, and stay in love.

    1. Michelle,
      I'm glad you found it helpful and it resonates with you. I'm still saying those words, "Open in Love" when I feel my heart closing in fear and it's still working for me. :)