Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"We're Not Broken, Just Bent."

This song has had a big impact on me ("Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink).  I love it.  I get entranced each time I hear it.  Last night Michelle Chamuel sang it on The Voice and I was inspired to make it the theme of my blog today. 

You can watch Pink's video and listen to the song here, on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpQFFLBMEPI

"We're not broken, just bent.  We can learn to love again." 

A superb reminder.  None of us are broken.  We all have lessons to learn.  So learn the lesson and move on.  Get back to love.  "Learn to love again."

Getting back to Love is a choice.  And at times a conscious effort.  I'm still reading Michael Singer's book, "The Untethered Soul."  He explains that one of the first steps at truly living in love and peace is to simply notice the tendency we all have to protect and defend ourselves.  Specifically our hearts. 

We all have our insecurities and trigger points.  Notice them.  When you feel an insecurity and fear popping up, step back and observe.  You don't have to engage with it.  You don't have to follow that fearful energy. 


Here is part of a paragraph I highlighted and starred from the book:

"Spiritual growth is about the point at which you start to feel your energy change.  For instance, somebody says something and you start to feel the energy get a little strange inside.  You will actually start to feel a tightening.  This is your cue that it's time to grow.  It's not time to defend yourself, because you don't want the part of you that you would be defending.  If you don't want it, let it go," (Singer, p.63). 

When you feel insecure and afraid, our typical gut instinct is to defend ourselves.  Put up our walls and close our hearts.  I've done it countless times.  I felt it when I was doing it, but didn't know the alternative.  I love how Singer tells us that that moment of fear and insecurity is, in fact, not the time to defend ourselves.  Instead, it's the time to open our hearts.  Focus on the opening. 

Our hearts are closing out of fear.  So to step away and get out of that fear requires us to open our hearts.  Not close them.  Not take the defensive posture.  But relax and open.  It's all love.  Remember? 

Singer also explains that thoughts and emotions are just objects of consciousness.  They are not us.  But our consciousness focuses on them, thereby giving them power.  "This is why thoughts and emotions get stronger the more attention you give them... If you don't let go, it can get completely out of control," (Singer p. 65). 

But what if someone "wrongs" me?  What if someone hurts me?  I can't let people walk all over me, take advantage of me! 

This is your ego's voice. 


As Michael Singer closes out chapter seven, he assures us, "There's nothing wrong with being peaceful and centered as long as you are releasing the energy, not suppressing it.  Ultimately, even terrible things happen, you should be able to live without emotional scars or impressions.... No matter what events take place in life, it is always better to let go rather than to close... Nothing will be able to take your seat of consciousness from you.... [Learn] to let go no matter how deep the pain, you will achieve a great state.  You will break the ultimate habit: the constant draw of the lower self."

No matter what happens.  No matter what anyone says or does.  You can stay centered and in Love.  Singer tells us this is possible. 

You don't have to listen to the ego's voice.  You don't have to let yourself get sucked in by your ego's drama.  You can choose peace and love.  Just let go.  Be open to love.      


We're all "bent."  We've all been dinged up in our lives.  We've all been hurt, scared, anxious, and insecure.  But we don't have to stay that way.

                                   Open in Love 

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