Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Be Happy for Others

The section of "The Power," by Rhonda Byrne that I read last night was especially eye-opening for me.  Every time we think a negative thought, it brings more negativity to us.  No matter what the thought is.

We, or I should say I, can be very judgmental.  I see someone wearing something cut too low, too short, too tight...and I judge.  I judge other drivers all the time when I'm on the road behind them.  I judge the decisions others make.

They say we judge others more severely in areas where we feel most insecure.  In some ways, I see truth to that, other times, I'm not so sure.  But that's besides the point today.

Each time we make a judgement, what we're doing is sending out negative energy.  Because those judgements are most often negative in nature.  We're essentially saying, or thinking to ourselves, that someone else isn't good enough, in whatever it is we're judging them for.

How many times do we feel not good enough in our lives?  It could be due largely to all the "you're not good enough" vibes we're sending out all the time!  What we give out, we get back!

I know for me, not feeling good enough is huge.  I wrestle with it nearly every day in some aspect of my life.  I've slowly been making progress, but I foresee even greater progress now that I know more about it, and about the laws of the Universe.  

Let's talk about this topic a little more.  I'll share some examples from the book that really hit home for me.

Have you ever been single, but not really wanted to be single, and so every time you saw a happy couple you made some sort of complaining or negative-based remark, or thought the thought to yourself?  What you're doing there is projecting the thought that you don't like happy couples.  That you don't want to be a happy couple.  Even though it's what you say you want, your thoughts and feelings don't support it, because you're not supporting and happy for other happy couples.

The key is to be happy for other happy couples, which will send out positive vibes, and the right kind of frequency to attract happy coupledom into your own life.

You see, and here's something I didn't realize, when you're spending so much time thinking how much you want to be in a relationship, and then you see other people in relationships, that IS the Universe sending you your desires.  It is showing you what you, too, can have.  If you only remain in a place of Love on the subject.  If you love seeing happy couples. If you love hearing stories of how other people met.  Drop the jealousy, envy, and doubt... Love!

"When you feel good about anything any person has, you are bringing it to you." (p. 101, "The Power")

How many times have you been obsessed with a certain car, and then you seem to see it everywhere? That happened to me a few months ago when I was considering getting a new car.  There were a couple models in particular I liked, and I saw them all the time!

What that is, is the Universe giving me the car of my dreams/thoughts.  It's showing it to me, saying, "You can have this too."  All you/I have to do is Love the car, Love that other people have it, and know and believe that you/I can have it too.

Of course sometimes that's easier said than done.  But that's the key.  Be happy for other people when they have whatever it is you're wishing for your own self.  Don't be jealous, envious, judgmental.  Those thoughts say to the Universe, sure, I might like and want whatever this is, but I don't believe I'll ever have it.  So you feel negative, and send out negative thoughts...thereby keeping the object of your desire from yourself, when the Universe is trying really hard to give it to you!

So Key #1:  Be happy for others, especially when they have or are something you desire for yourself.

And Key #2:  When you encounter people that are or have something you genuinely do not like, still do not send out negative thoughts and judgments.  Instead, "turn away" from it, ignore it basically, and remain neutral.  

Avoid at all costs sending out any negativity.  Negativity attracts negativity, and you will get it back, someway, sometime, somehow.

Remember, before you start stressing out and think, "I can't have another negative thought!" and then berate yourself when a negative thought or judgment does cross your mind... Stay in Love.  Start with yourself.  We're human.  We're not perfect.  We will still have negative thoughts, feelings, and judgments from time to time.  Let it be.  And just let it go.

When you feel negativity spreading over yourself, and you catch it (whenever you catch it), just think "Love."  Douse yourself in Love.  Be kind to You.  Be gentle.  And return to Love.

This chapter of the book got me to excited.  It was definitely an "a-ha" moment for me.  I hadn't made the connection between how I feel about other people, especially when they have or are something I desire for myself... and myself getting, or not getting, whatever it is.

But now I'm excited to go out into the world.  I will now be genuinely happy for people when they win the lottery, go on amazing trips, and have really cool houses.  At least I'll be working on that.

It all starts Today.  And it all is Love.

In peace and love,

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  1. Sarah,

    In my experience being judgemental about other drivers has actually helped me anticipate any bad driving habits, but I also judge drivers by the type of cars they drive. Here in UK, young drivers in small cars can be dangerous and unpredictable and I have to admit I have had three near misses where a driver tried to hit my car and I was able to save myself by taking a step back and observing the driver, his car and even how he/she had been driving. So my point is that sometimes being judgemental can be helpful.

    I really enjoyed reading this article especially your message about remaining positive and being happy for others. In a competitive world, where one sees people around them driving new cars and buying houses, it is tough to think why such things don't happen in our lives, leading to jealousy. But I also think about the things that I have and how to be happy with them rather than chasing after new things just to impress others and stand out.

    Thank you writing such a lovely and thoughtful article, it is one of your best articles I have read.

    Thank you sharing your positive vibe.:-)