Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pursue YOU in 2013

Starting a new year is an obvious place to make a fresh start.  Readjust your priorities.  Make some goals. 

My one and only goal for 2013 is to be more me. 

Be true to myself.  Honor my inner spirit. 

Instead of waiting until the end, I'd like to post a quote here.  It's rather large.  It's from one of those daily calendars... I don't even remember what year.  I've had it such a long time.  Currently I keep it posted on my fridge.  I think it's a good reminder of starting fresh, as we embark on 2013 today!

"The past is gone, but Now is Forever.  The future does not lie in our hands, but the future lies in the hands of the Present.  Go out and grasp the seconds of the day as if you only had that day to live.  Experience and enjoy the moments of your life.  We only have one life to live, so live it like a champion.  Everyone was put here for a purpose so let that purpose rise up above and show everyone what you're made of.  I'm not telling you how you should live, but how you should feel whe you look back at the memories of a once upon life of yours.  Don't regret things later.  If you feel it is right, do it.  It's your life and nobody else's.  Make decisions that please you.  Let nobody put you down.  Don't live in anybody's shadows or dreams.  If you have a dream act on it and it will probably come true..."

That is one of my favorite things I've ever read.  It has truly shaped how I live my life.  When I'm faced with a decision and it's not an easy choice, I often ask myself, "Which would I regret more if I didn't do it."   

You don't have to do it all. If someone asks you to do something, you can say no. Respect and listen to your own limits. When you have more to give, give. When you need to cut back, cut back. 

I'm often guilty of giving and doing to the point that I get overwhelmed and frustrated.  I've gone past the point of listening to myself when my spirit was telling me I needed a break.  That is part of the  "being more me" goal for 2013.  Respecting myself enough to know when I need a break and when to stop.   

I am beyond excited for 2013!  I know it will be my best year yet!  I also believe it will be your best year yet, if you let it! 

Let's all let go, let be, and be ourselves in 2013!  Watch true love emerge!   

Quotes of the Day:

"There is a refuge in each of us."   (Kris Carr) 

"The real self within you is beneath no one, immune to criticism, and fearless."  (Deepak Chopra)

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