Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Don't Have to Know How

The Universe has our backs.  I've seen this line in multiple blogs recently.  I think more and more people believe it.  But do we trust it? 


Here's the thing:  The Unverse does provide for us at all times, and is coordinating everything in our favor, for our greatest growth, learning, self, and life.  But we don't have to know how it's going to work out.

Take making a living.  Making money.  We all need it, to some extent. And most people would say they'd love to have more money.  Great.  How are you going to get it?  You don't have to know how. 

When people think they need or simply want more money, their mind goes to ways to get that money that they're aleady familiar with. 

Get another job, or a new, higher-paying job. 

Sell something -- be it a product you'll make a commission off of, or selling something on eBay or a site like that. 

Provide a service.  Even simple services could be profitable -- dog walking, house cleaning, yard work. 

You think, well, those are the ways I know how to make money, so which am I going to do? 

Any of those three above are perfectly fine endeavors to bring in a little extra cash.  Maybe even a lot of cash.  You never know what might take off and what you might love doing. 

It's not a bad idea to be proactive and "go out and bring it home" yourself.  But is this trusting the Universe?

Sometimes we focus too much on what's right in front of us.  We're very short-sighted compared to the Universe.  We tend to focus on the major highways.  We can't possibly see all the avenues, boulevards, and tiny side streets. 

There are other ways of reaching our goals that we likely aren't even considering.

To make this personal, I was contemplating this for my own life the other day when I was driving to my job at the florist.  Right now my expenses are higher than my income.  Since I took the job at the florist it's gotten better, but I'm still in the red every month.  Luckily, I have the money in savings, so that's why I'm not freaking out about this too much yet. 

But I know I need to make more money.  I've already cut my expenses down considerably, and am very choosy what I spend money on nowadays.  I want more money.  I want to be bringing in way more in income every single month than what my expenses cost. 

Ok, so what can I do?  (I'm thinking as I drive.) 

I write books.  I have four published currently and two in the works.  I need to write more.  I need to publicize what I have already written more.  I need to sell more books to make more money. 

Ok, option one. 

I blog.  This blog is getting more viewers all the time, which I'm so grateful and humbled by.  I see people make money all the time from blogs.  Yet I have no idea how to do this and would never consider making someone pay to read my blog in and of itself.  I have no clue how to turn blogging into a money-making endeavor. 

Still, option two.

Jobs that pay a paycheck.  I could pick up more hours at the florist.  I could look for a second part-time job.  I could do more odd jobs for my grandma (she pays me to do things like clean up her yard, wash her windows, do her laundry, etc.... stuff she'd have to pay a "professional" for if she didn't have family living so close... she's 97 years old and still living at home, so she requires some assistance with things). 

Option three. 

That's all I can come up with.  All I see.  And then there's the question of which of those three options do I pursue?  Or a combination of them?  The job and paycheck option certainly is the fastest and most conventional way to make more money.  But I don't like giving all my hours to someone else.  The book selling could potentially be more lucrative.  But I can't make people buy my books.  The blog... well, I wouldn't even know where to start with that, plus, this is more about putting positivity and thought-provoking stuff out there, and connecting with people, I don't know that I want to make it more "work-like." 

Then I remembered that I don't have to know how I'll make more money.  I don't have to plan it all out and then enact that plan. 

By mentally holding so tightly to my own money-making ideas, and trying to "figure it all out," I'm not letting the Universe do what it does. 

I need to relax.  Step back.  And give it up to the Universe. 

Let the Universe provide for me in whatever way(s) it knows best.  The Universe always knows the best and quickest ways to get stuff done.  We're the ones that get in the way with our own feeble plans and self-limiting mentality.


So today I'm going to practice letting go.  Don't even worry about it. 

I'm doing everything I can think of right now.  That's enough.  Time to let go of the wheel and let the Universe take over.

("If you hold on to the handle, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control, but it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you."  Brian Andreas)

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, a few unexpected things have come up this past week. 

I was only scheduled at the florist three days this week, a total of 16 hours.  Unexpectedly, at the end of the day on Thursday, the manager asked me if I wanted to come in on Friday (yesterday).  She had more work that needed to get done and if I was free, great, if not, no biggie.  So I worked six additional hours yesterday that was not planned and not expected. 

My grandma's front yard was a mess with gumballs (the little prickly balls that fall from gum trees, some people call them different things).  I went over on Tuesday to pick them up (3 tall brown paper yard waste bags full).  She pays me for doing that for her. 

That's two things right there, that will increase my income for this month that I hadn't planned on in my budget.  And we're only nine days into the month! 

What other opportunities will the Universe provide me with?


I encourage everyone to not worry about the "how" of life.  How will you make more money?  How will you meet someone you're crazy about?  How will you have the kids you've always wanted when you're currently single?  How will you start your own business that you've been dreaming about?

Forget about the hows.  The Universe has got this.  We know it.  Now trust it. 

And watch how it all unfolds, magically.        

("When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen:  There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught ot fly."  -Barbara J Winter)

*All quotes below are from   

Quotes of the Day:

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe." (Dalai Lama)

"Set your intention, and trust the universe to take care of the details."
Mike Fotheringham

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Peace…comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the Universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere. It is within each of us."
Black Elk



  1. Hi Sarah,

    I've recently come across your blog and have started reading everyday. I love it! I feel like you always write about what I'm going through at the time.

    I can so relate to this post. It is so hard to let go and not worry about the "how", especially with today's "create your own success" and "make it happen" attitude.

    I feel like I've been dealing with this lately with relationships. I'm single and of course would love to meet Mr. Right. But I always feel like I have to actively "do" something to make this happen. This led to me spreading the word around to my friends, family, and coworkers that I'm single and available, only to end up being set up on some less than stellar blind dates. I know that I need to just let go and let the Universe take care of it. I'd love for it to just occur naturally, and not have to be forced into some awkward situation, where most of the time I know beforehand that it probably won't work out. So I try to remember to just let go, but sometimes it's hard.

    With all of the resources that we have, i.e., places we could go out and work to earn more money, dating websites, social scenes, connections we have,or whatever other things that are readily available to us to make our dreams come true, at what point are we interfering too much with the natural flow of things?

    Maybe the best choice is just to relax and do nothing.


    Amy :)

    1. Amy,
      Hi! Thanks for reading my blog and for the comment! :)

      My take on the whole "how much do I do vs. how much do I NOT do" thing is the feeling you have in your gut/within your spirit. I know for me, I can generally tell when I'm PUSHING and when I'm excited and eager and just getting out there. I think when it feels like you HAVE to do something (like join a dating site and respond to all the emails you get, or apply for a bunch of jobs), then it's not natural. But if you feel like you WANT to do something, then do it. It comes down to the feeling you have about it.

      I'll share a couple examples with me.
      Dating-wise, I have also used a lot of the online sites, and met several guys from there (even had a couple relationships come out of it). Most of the people aren't that serious, or I'm just not interested in. But my best relationship to date came when I was not at all looking or expecting to meet someone. I had gone out with a couple girlfriends with the mindset just to have fun, not scope out guys. I *happened* to see another girl I knew as an acquaintenance from work there. I had never seen her outside of work. Normally I'm not very outgoing and might not even seek her out to say hi (it was super crowded). But she walked right by me, and I reached out and said hi. It turns out, a friend of hers was coming to this event later, who I actually went to high school with, but didn't know well in hs and hadn't seen since. Would I want to re-meet him? She asked. Sure, I said. I swear I knew, the second our eyes met, that he would be a great relationship for me. We hung out the rest of the night, continued to date, and he actually moved in with me 3 months later. We were together for 2 years after that. We actually just broke up 2 months ago. I had thought he was "the one" for me, forever, but now I see that I was just supposed to learn some stuff from the relationship, and move on. Our paths crossed when they did for a distinct reason, that I fully believe. But we're not moving forward at the same rate or running on the same frequency. It was hard, but I finally realized that it was time to let him go and move on. So I'm newly single again myself.

      *to be continued...

    2. *continued... (it wouldn't let me post such a long answer all in one)

      Job-wise... I've had a few occurrences of "meant to be." I graduated college with a teaching degree and after subbing for a while, I was looking for a permanent job. I applied at LOTS of schools. It ended up being a newly opened school, where the principal called me. She had worked with my dad at HER previous job, and she and my dad had recently had lunch to talk about work, when my dad told her I was looking for a teaching job. I still had to go for interviews and all that, but the job pretty much came to me.
      The same thing happened a few years later when I changed careers and learned sign language. I REALLY wanted an interpreting job. Again, I applied at places, but got nothing. Then a lady from a corporation called ME. Another interpreter friend of mine, who had worked for them, gave them my name and number.

      I don't think it's bad to put ourselves out there, to reach out, and try new things. It's not bad to apply for jobs, or go on blind dates. And really, you never know what'll come of it. But if your heart isn't in it, and you have that feeling that it's not what you really want to be doing, then that's the sign that it's not the natural flow for you. You're pushing. You're trying to force something that's not right.

      I don't think a job or a date will "come" to you if you just sit home 24/7 and have no contact with anyone. Lol.... but you may just as well meet a guy at the grocery store as through online dating sites. Or get a job randomly through an acquaintenance as if you fill out an application.

      Take my current part-time job at the florist. I had been working solely as a writer the past year and a half. Then I started to get that feeling that I needed to be doing something. Still write, but I felt the desire for another "job." Yet I didn't know what. I just sort of let things be. I opened my mind and heart to opportunities to come in. I remember a couple weeks of just feeling antsy. WANTING something, but not even knowing what. Then my sister told me the florist she had been working part-time at, the past year, was hiring seasonal help for Valentine's Day. It sounded good to me. So I went in and applied. I got the job, and they ended up keeping me on past the holiday. It was not at all something I would have sought out on my own or even thought of. But I love it!

      Alright, this response has gotten way long. ;) I obviously like the questions you posed. Thanks!


    3. Thanks for your response! I definitely agree with "pushing" vs. doing what you want/feel is right for you. Also really enjoyed your examples! I could also write a small book on this topic, LOL! :)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to mention two things. I am not totally sure about blogs, but I think some people put ads on them, and that is how they make money. Also have you heard of Squidoo? You write a lens for free and can put ads on them. Check them out at Some people make a lot of money on Squidoo.

    "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius
    "If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?" Confucius

    1. Jeanette,
      Thanks for the blog suggestions! I vaguely know about placing ads, but not much. And I have not heard of Squidoo, so thanks, I'll check that out!

      I also love the quotes. :) Both very true.