Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't Chase


You can push yourself all you want.  Push yourself to be the best you you can be, push yourself to go for your dreams, push yourself to expand your horizons.

But you can't push other people.  At least, not in the direction you want them to go. 


I have a tendency to  push to do things "my way."  Instead of just living my life and letting things unfold.  Naturally. 

My lesson is you won't have to push the right person when the time is right.  You won't have to force a situation that's truly meant to be. 

This is an embodiment of the quote, "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us," Joseph Campbell.

The Universe has a freaking amazing plan for each of us.  So amazing, it's beyond our limited intellectual capabilities at the present time. 

It's easy, though, to see what we see, with our short-sighted vision, and think this is itThis is what I want.  But if it just doesn't happen, despite your best efforts, and you notice you're pushing and trying to force things, then let it go.  Something better is in the works for you.   


Chase your dreams, but don't chase other people. 


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  1. He's just not that into you. Simple. Or there is something there that an in-person meeting will make you not have a connection. A person who is interested in you doesn't make you wait, and doesn't want someone else to have you. If you want an email pen pal, then this is the person for you. For me? I wouldn't waste my time on someone who wouldn't waste it back. The universe can bring you to anything to teach a lesson, and it doesn't mean you are forcing it. It means he is not the one for you. It frustrates me when men force their control on a relationship and they state the timing. Funny thing is is that too many women allow it and that's when women accept it. Just my thoughts....:)

    1. Stacia,
      Thanks for your reply! I have thought that... that I'm more interested in this person than they are into me. We recently had a "talk" and I told them I was stepping back a little. So we'll see where this takes us and what the future brings. But yes, I want to be with someone who WANTS to be with me! Obviously.
      Thanks again!