Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"I could" vs. "I want" vs."I am"

We have lots of options in our lives.  Choices galore.  Between jobs, relationships, residences, friends... we are faced with decisions all the time. 


Have you ever noticed yourself saying, "I could do that,"  "I could be with that person," "I could live there?" I have. 

I meet people, or even just see them in passing, and I sometimes think, "I could date that person."
I think about jobs and careers... such as whether to return to interpreting, or teaching in some aspect, or an entirely new job and think, "I could do that."

But do I really want to?

That's the difference between living in your head and living from your heart

In your head, you think, or know, you could do something.  Or not. 

But your heart tells you if that's what you really want to do.


I admit to too often letting my head run the show.  Especially in relationships.  I go along with the "I coulds" instead of waiting for or pursuing the "I wants."  Hence, some of the relationships I've been in.  Especially my most recent one. 

It was alright...but there was something missing that just wasn't entirely what I wanted.  On a deep level.  In my heart.  In my Spirit.  But I convinced myself that my ex-bf was as good guy and that we could have a good life together.

Good isn't great.  Good isn't amazing.  Good is in your head.  Amazing comes from your heart. 


Then there's the "I am" statement. 

"I am in a fun, loving, amazing relationship with an incredible person." 

"I am receiving an abundant income doing what I love and following my heart." 

"I am peace.  I am love.  Love surrounds me at all times." 

Those statements are so much more powerful than "I wants" or "I coulds."   

"I want" infers there's something you don't currently have, but would like to have.  It's from a place of lack.  A place of feeling like you're missing something.  A place of discontentment. 


I learned once to make all affirmations in the present tense.  This takes the statement from one of lack to one of "already having." 

I'm currently working on this in the relationship category.  And really, in all categories.  There's always room for improvement. 

I'm done with the "I coulds."  I see, now, that they don't lead to happiness and peace. 

I'm learning to shift from "I want" to "I am." 

What "I coulds" have you been settling for? 
What "I wants" have you kept yourself from actually having?
What "I ams" are you shifting your focus to and creating the life you desire? 
The life you already have?   

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