Thursday, April 25, 2013

Set Your Intentions and Fly!

Do you ever have lucid dreams?  The dreams where when you're in them, you realize you're dreaming?  You're totally aware.  I absolutely love those dreams! 

Sometimes I'll be having a dream where I'm being chased, or just trying to get away from something or someone.  Then all of a sudden, in the dream, it occurs to me that it might be a dream.  To "test" this, I attempt to fly.  To lift off the ground.  And I do. 


All I have to do to fly in my dreams is to think it.  Set the intention.  Make up my mind that I'm going to lift off the ground and float.  And it happens. 

I also have to keep that intention.  If I let my mind wander, or have doubts about whether or not I can actually fly high enough so whatever it is can't get to me, then I don't go very high.  But when I relax and believe in myself, I can fly as high as I want.  Literally. 

I was thinking about these dreams last night (while awake... and no, I didn't have another lucid dream last night), and made the connection to waking life. 

Our reality is largely determined by our intentions and beliefs. 

Perhaps entirely.

If we intend to slug away in a job we don't care about, just trudging in day after day for the paycheck, then that's precisely what we'll do. 

But, on the other hand, if we intend to live a life of passion, follow our heart, wherever it leads... then that is what we'll do.

I know people who are working that passionless job who would say it's not what they really want to be doing, that they're just doing it "for now" until _______ (fill in the blank).

The thing is, that "until" rarely comes along.  Something always comes up.  If they're working the job until they build up more savings, unexpected expenses pop up.  If they're working the job until they get another one, they have a hard time either finding another job to even apply for, or getting hired. 

Now is the right time to be happy.


Now is the right time to listen to your gut. 


Now is the right time to follow your heart. 


If you don't set your intentions and take control of your own life, who will? 

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