Monday, April 29, 2013

Everyone Has a Love Story

I was looking through the pages at the back of my journal yesterday.  This is where I've written some thoughts that came up at the spur of the moment... but yet weren't "journal" thoughts.  Some were the possible beginnings of a novel, others were observations of what was around me at the time, and this one were my thoughts after reading a book.

The book is "Violets of March" by Sarah Jio.  I honestly don't remember much of the novel itself, except that I borrowed it from the library and that I really liked it.  I wrote what I did, after finishing the novel, on November 27, 2011.  I don't know that I've even read it much since that day, until yesterday. 

It really struck a chord with me, and now that I have this blog (I didn't back at that time), I thought I'd share what I wrote here. 

Here it is, vebatim:

I believe everyone has a love story.  Life itself is one big love story. 

Untimely love. 
Passionate love. 
Long-term love. 
Short-term love. 
Friend love. 
Inappropriate love. 

They are all the loves of our lives.  Each with its own, distinct, separate purpose to fill.  One is not necessarily better or worse than any other.  They each come and go at precisely the right time. 

People come into our lives when we need them then.  They stay just long enough to fulfill their purpose.  Then move on. 

Our lives wind and weave.  And at precisely the right moment, the next love enters the picture.  Will it be long or short, passion-filled or more steadfast and stable?  We don't usually know at the time.  But we don't need to know.  That's not the important part of it all.  What's important?  The love. 

The love is there, regardless of what kind it is or how long it'll stick around.  It's here now, is all we need to know.  Accept it.  Allow it to be.  Just be.  Whatever it is, it is what it is.  It's beautiful.  It's right.  It's always right.  Trust it. To try to do otherwise is pure foolishness.  Because it's all love.  All of it. 

Even in the uncertainty.  Even in the pain and discomfort.  Love is there.  If we're only brave evnough to see it, to accept it. 

Let go.  Let it all go but the love.  There is nothing but love.  The sooner we realize that, the smoother our lives will be. 

Live is love.  Love is life. 

In everyone we meet, in all different forms.  See it.  Believe it. 

When you're in doubt or just plain scared, close your eyes, relax, breathe, and let the love in.  Let it wash over you in all its glory and be strengthened. 

It's all love. 

My reminder as I read my own writing from over a year ago is that love shows up in all different ways and it all has a purpose. 

Some people discount short-term relationships.  But if there's love there, and love is always everywhere, then even the shortest of relationships serves a purpose.  The thing is, many of us, at points throughout our lives, don't see the love.  We're not necessarily living IN love.  We're letting the fear be our guide.  But the love is still there.

The same is true for those relationships that don't turn out like we'd want them to.  The disappointments.  The hurts.  The break-ups.  Even in the break-up, even in the hurt, love is there.


I  know I've had relationships end, not by my own doing, in which I was really hurt and confused.  At the time I didn't see the love.  But once I gained some distance and perspective, I saw that even that was love.  Separating from that person was the most loving thing the Universe could do for me.

It's up to us.  Are we going to choose to live in love?  To see the love in everything?  The love behind everything? 

To do so, we must accept.  Trust the Universe.  Let the love in.  All the love.  The Universe loves us at all times.  In every experience, every decision, every circumstance.

Do you feel it?  Feel the love?  It's there.



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