Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop Making It Hard on Yourself!

If something is difficult or painful, more often than not, it's because you're making it so. 

You might say, "But [this other person] is doing _____ and that is what's making it difficult or painful.  It's them.  Not me."
"But it's my job (or this situation I'm in).  I'm not the one making it difficult.  I'm in a difficult situation, perhaps with difficult people.  It's them.  Not me." 

And I say, it all goes back to you. 

Let Go. 
Let it be. 

You are being taken care of at this very moment. 

Relax and let the Universe take care of you.  It knows best.  It can see all the possibilities and greatness that you can't even begin to fathom.

I've been in this situation lately where I really want one particular thing to happen.  And it's not happening.  No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I'm getting myself all worked up over this thing.

Then it hit me while I was sitting in my car, just having arrived at the grocery store this morning.

I'm making this hard.


The situation is what it is.  It's out of my control (as is most of Life).  I'm the one who has this notion in my head of how I want it to go.  But who's to say the Universe doesn't have something even better planned? 

I typed the following into my cell phone, while sitting outside the market:
"Be present.  Be where you are right now.  See the beauty around you.  See the gifts the Universe is showering down on you at this very second.  All your needs and wants are met. Truly.  Accept it.  Stop working yourself up and causing stress.  There doesn't have to be any." 

There doesn't have to be any.  Stress, that is.  Difficulty.  The Universe certainly isn't stressed.  Why am I?  Because of my ego, that's why.  Because I think I know best.  Because I want something. 

So what? 

Let go.  Stop trying to control everything. 

I might not be able to control what I want, my desires.  But what I can do is put the thought out there.  Give it to the Universe.  And let things unfold, knowing that it's all happening in my favor.

All.  Of.  It.

All any of us can do is just live our lives.  Our lives.  Be ourselves and follow our hearts.  The rest will fill in.  When other people are involved, who you may want to do or not do certain things, you've got to separate yourself from them.  As in, don't put your happiness in their hands, or depend on their actions. 


What do YOU want to do today?

Who are YOU, as an individual? 


I've heard plenty of teachers say this to their students, including myself, when I was a teacher because kids (people of all ages really) are notorious for pointing the finger and focusing more on what someone else is doing, should be doing, or should not be doing: 

"Don't worry about what anyone else is doing.  Worry about yourself.  There's enough there to keep you busy for a while." 

It may sound harsh, but it's not intended to put anyone down.  Just to remind us that the only person we can control is ourselves.  And we are in charge of our own happiness.  Our own life.

We all have something to work on.  Multiple things, most likely.  So work on them.  Become the best YOU you can be! 

Respect your own needs and your own Spirit.  And stop making things harder than they need to be!              

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