Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My first "unofficial" post.

So I planned to "officially" start this blog on January 1st of the new year.  But when I saw that I already had one viewer, I felt bad and wanted to put something up here so people know this IS a real blog and WILL be up and running very soon! 

This is actually my second blog, but the first one didn't take off.  Why did I decide to try again, a year later?  I was meditating a couple weeks ago and the idea came to me, even with the title, "Be You."  "Be You," by itself, was already taken, so I had to expand the title, thus deciding on, "Be You. Live Your Dream!" 

If you're anything like me, you still are wondering what your purpose is, here in this life.  You might have a job, or your might work for yourself.  But are you *really* inspired, motivated, and driven by your chosen line of work?  If so, fabulous!  What about your personal life and relationships?  I believe far too many people just "get by" and accept the status quo.  They do what they believe they're "supposed" to do and they tell themselves they're content.  Happy even.  Is this you?  It was me.  But no longer.  That's the driving force behind this blog.  I wanted a place to share my journey to being me, and building, creating, and living my dream, so I could also help YOU become more of who YOU'RE really meant to be and build, create, and live YOUR dream.  I believe THAT is my purpose. 

I've believed for some time now that I don't have to settle and do what's expected of me.  I have left more than my share of perfectly fine jobs because they no longer inspired me but instead, I felt drained at the end of the day.  That's no good!  If you can sympathize, keep reading!  This blog is for you.

Newsflash:  There ARE other jobs out there, and other ways to make a living!  I hopped from job to job, from one industry to the next.  I'll write more about my different job experiences in future blog posts.  Along the way plenty of people, nearly everyone in fact, told me, "You're gonna have to settle down sometime!" and "You can't keep quitting jobs like that or no one will hire you."  Guess what?  Neither is true!  And I'm thankful every single day that I didn't listen to those naysayers and instead followed my gut, my heart, and my intuition.  Because right now I truly am living my dream of being a writer and working on my own schedule.  Whatever your dream is, you can achieve it.  The first step: BELIEVE that you can! 

I have read multiple self-help books and been to meetings and conferences, all with the objective to help me, you, us, be our best selves.  And I see now what the very FIRST thing, the most important, cornerstone of building your dream life is.  Your thoughts.  I know I'm not the first to say this.  Far from it.  But it's true.  If you think all you'll ever amount to is _____, then that's all you'll ever do.  You first have to see yourself doing and being what and who you truly want to be.  Who you feel in your heart you're meant to be.  Once YOU see it, you're on the way to making it your reality! 

I'm excited, are you?   

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