Sunday, December 9, 2012

There are no mistakes.

That's right, I believe there are no mistakes in our lives.  But rather, everything is a learning opportunity.  Every experience is there for a reason, for some purpose for you.  Each of us makes the best decision we can with what we know at the time.  Therefore, it's not a mistake.  It's all in how you look at it.  The power of your thoughts.   

We may look back on choices we've made and wish we made a different choice.  It may look like a mistake.  But let me assure you, it is not.  If you had made another deicision, you have no idea the repurcussions of that other decision.  You could be in a drastically different place in your life right now.  And right now you are exactly where you're supposed to be. 

Each decision, each choice we make shapes our lives.  Shapes who we are and who we will become.  It truly is in your hands. 

I am reminded of a part from the movie, "Dangerous Minds," with Michelle Pfeiffer.  It's from 1995, but actually occurred in 1989, based on the autobiography of LouAnne Johnson, a former US Marine, turned high school English teacher in a rough school district in California.  I won't recap the entire movie for you, but I recommend checking it out.  Anyway, a powerful scene that has stuck with me all these years is where LouAnne asks her students what the most powerful verb is.  One student says, "die," but LouAnne says, "no, that's not it."  Then another speaks up and says, "choose." 

Choose is the most powerful verb because everything is our choice.  We choose how to respond to situations and people.  We choose to hold onto something or let it go.  And of course we choose things every second of every day that build us into the person we are right now.  Healthy, unhealthy, rich, poor, kind, cruel, happy, sad.  All are within our realm of thought and choice.  Who do you want to be?

Even the choices you've made that you perhaps regret, or have considered mistakes, I ask that you reevaluate them.  Think of them as learning opportunities.  Learn from them, grow into a better person, and if desired, make a different, more informed choice next time.  A mistake is only a mistake if we don't learn from it.   

Quotes of the Day:  (Yes, I decided to go crazy today and include 3 quotes because I didn't want to choose just one.  They're all great.)

"Everyone lives the life of their choosing.  Not just what they chose, but what they're choosing.  Game on."

"Every compliment, criticism, promotion, setback, good vibe, cough, or really long line you have to wait in is a gift that was meticulously designed to make possible your becoming more than who you were, and ultimately, happier than ever before."

"There are only miracles.  To one degree or another they all soothe, pamper, and enrich.  However, to avoid blowing too many minds at once, some are disguised as unpleasant surprises, botched circumstances, and twisted acquaintances that can rarely be seen for who or what they truly are until the pendulum has fully swung.  *If something still hurts, baffles, or confuses, it only means a miracle as occurred, the pendulum is in mid-swing, and that soon you'll know exactly what I'm talking about."

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